Boosey & Hawkes Rental Rewards
Boosey & Hawkes Rental Rewards || Are you being rewarded?
Rental Rewards is a program designed to reward orchestras, presenters, and festivals for their commitment to new music.

There are two ways to be eligible for Rental Rewards:

Adventurous Programming
Program four or more works written in the last 25 years (year of composition date to year of performance), and receive 20% off the total price of the rental order.

Composer Focus
Program four or more works by a single composer published by Boosey & Hawkes and receive 20% off the total price of the rental order.
How to
Visit to fill out a separate rental order form for each work in the Rental Rewards package, making certain to indicate in the "Details" section which Rental Rewards package your orders qualify for.

For performances of operatic works, or those involving staging or choreography of any kind, please submit your request to our Grand Rights Licensing staff.
General Terms
  1. Rental Rewards is available to organizations in North and South America only.
  2. Rental Rewards packages are available exclusively for works rented through the Boosey & Hawkes rental library. Therefore, works published by other publishers for which Boosey & Hawkes acts as the sole agent* (e.g. Ravel’s Bolero or Respighi’s Pines of Rome) would qualify for Rental Rewards, but an orchestra would not be eligible for this discount if they programmed four works by a composer where all four works were not published by and rented through Boosey & Hawkes, such as might be possible with the works of Prokofieff or Stravinsky.
  3. All Rental Rewards works must be programmed as part of a single season or festival, but may be performed on different concerts throughout the season or festival. It is not necessary to submit the rental orders for eligible works at the same time. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the rental orders to inform Boosey & Hawkes that they qualify for Rental Rewards.
  4. Excerpts and works derived from Leonard Bernstein’s theater works, such as Symphonic Dances from West Side Story or the Overture to Candide, are not eligible for this promotion. Pre-packaged Bernstein concerts such as Bernstein on Broadway and The Bernstein Beat are not eligible for this promotion.
  5. The Rental Rewards discount applies only to the rental fee and not to any other fees associated with performing the work, such as grand rights fees, service fees, advance parts fees, rush fees, or late returns fees.
  6. The same works cannot be eligible for multiple rewards packages. For example, if an orchestra programs four John Adams works written in the last 25 years, it would qualify for either the Adventurous Programming reward or the Composer Focus reward, but not both.

  • * Boosey & Hawkes is the sole North American agent for the following publishers: Éditions Durand, Éditions Salabert, Éditions Max Eschig, Casa Ricordi, Ricordi London, Ricordi Munich, Editio Musica Budapest, Carisch S.p.A, DILIA, Czech Music Fund (Cesky hudebni fond), Walton Music, Fennica Gehrman, and Gehrmans, and the sole agent for Josef Weinberger and Edizioni Suvini Zerboni in the United States and Mexico.
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